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Local Areas

These are either archaeological sites or beautiful nature relaxing places that are in Peten (One of the states of Guatemala) and can be accessed within the same day.




Tikal National Park was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO in 1979. The excavations by the Pennsylvania University and the Guatemalan archaeological societies, and others have revealed settlements as early as 700 BC, through 900 AD. The Classic fluorescence was from 200 AD to 900 AD.

A walk through Tikal will give you the experience of a lifetime. With a recorded 472 species of birds, 535 species of butterflies, over 3,000 species of plants and a large animal population accustomed to humans, you can experience the best of nature amongst the ancient ruins of a highly civilized society who understood the movements of the heavens and the stars to a degree we are only learning today, and were able to feed and house their population in a rain forest environment without natural water reservoirs.


“The only thing more magical than hiking through a jungle in the dark, following a path that must be made of white gravel because it glows faintly in the full moon, is hiking through a jungle in the dark past big black hills — blacker than the sky behind them, blacker than the trees that catch the moonlight — hills you know just have to be pyramids. This is Tikal, Guatemala. And getting up at 2:30 a.m. to make the sunrise tour suddenly feels worth it.” Melinda Brasher.

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