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For these tours, you will require between 1 and 2 weeks. Reason being that some areas take a lot of time in between them for travel. A popular tour of 14 days, takes you to Antigua, Atitlan, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Lake Peten Itza, and Rio Dulce.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey means "Sacred Water" in Maya and is located in the Lanquín Municipality over the Cahabón River. It is built by a natural bridge of stone of approximately 500 meters of extension, the Cahabon River immerses in this place known as siguán. In the surface are formed 7 emerald swimming pools from 1 to 3 meters deep, feeded by springs from the mountains.


These swimming pools are located in a small canyon formed by sedimentary and limestone rock founded in the highlands of the Polochic Valley. By the characteristics of the warm subtropical very humid forest, there is a range of flora and arboreal canopy. The access to this site is by a road without pave, in good state, passable all year long but with a double transmission vehicle.\


"There are a number of things a person can do at Semuc Champey: swim, of course (in water so clear, if a book were lying on the bottom you could make out every word, and so filled with minerals that a person’s natural buoyancy increases noticeably). You can lie under a waterfall and let the cascades fall down on your head. You can hike up the steep stone embankment and, if you’ve got the nerve, jump off. Or you can hike the steep trail — roughly a mile long — that leads to the Mirador, a lookout point from which all seven pools are visible." Joyce Maynard, New York Times.


Candelaria Caves National Park

The Candelaria Caves National Park, offers a breathtaking visit to two dry caves and an exciting water route. Besides its caving importance, the Candelaria system was a pilgrimage site of great importance to the Mayan civilization and is today a refuge for a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are reported more than 20 archaeological sites around the system and lots of pottery, which shows its importance in ancient times.


Biotopo del Quetzal

The Biotopo Mario Dary Rivera, commonly known as Biotopo del Quetzal was established in 1976 as an initiative to protect the quetzal (Guatemala's National Bird) in its natural habitat, the cloud forest.


In addition to its namesake resident (the quetzal), the Biotopo is home to an abundance of tropical flora and fauna. You will see a wealth of epiphytic orchids, bromeliads, and mosses, as well as a host of other bird species, including the Emerald Toucanet, highland guan and Collared Trogon (a relative of the quetzal).


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