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Zapote Tree Inn & Iwana Tours(502) 4708 5250 or 30020661

How to Find Us

We recommend you give us a call first so that we may better advise you on your route. Our numbers are 3002-0661 (Yolanda), 4272-1211 (Peter), and 4708-5250 (Renato).


There are two routes, one by car and one by boat. We recommend you reach us by boat. The boat trip only takes 5 minutes, while by car you may take around 45 minutes since you must go around the lake.


The boat trip is fairly short and they are available at the island of Flores. When you go to the Island of Flores, go to north part of the Island, and ask where the hotel Sabana is located. You can take the boats behind there which only cost around Q5. When you get on the boat, ask them to drop you off by Don Miguel's beach. Then head uphill and ask around for Zapote Tree Inn, or the house of Yolanda, Marcos or Renato. Everyone knows us since we are a small village and we have lived here since before the roads even existed. The boats cross between 7 am and 9 pm.

Note: If you call us first hand, then we can send someone to wait for you at Flores so that you may skip the whole instructions part.


In order to reach our location by car, then you must drive around the lake. We recommend you have a 4x4, but you may also reach us on a 2x4 driving slowly. Reason being that all of the road is not made of asfalt, and you will encounter some parts in between that are dirt/gravel. In order to follow this route, you must first leave the International Airport Mundo Maya towards the direction of Tikal. After 4 km you will take a left in the direction of Villa Maya/Petencito Zoo. Then proceed for 13 km and you will arrive at the village of San Miguel. We live in the opposite side of the village (less populated). Ask around for directions towards the house (casa) of Don Marcos, Yolanda or Renato.

Note: If you call us first hand, then we can send someone to wait for you at the entrance of the village. Let us know what vehicle you are driving, and we will send someone to wait for you.

Map of Tayasal

Zapote Tree Inn & Iwana Tours

1 calle A y 3 Avenida

San Miguel, Peten



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+502 4708-5250+502 4708-5250 (Renato Zink)

+502 3002-0661 (Yolanda Quintana)


+1 918-839-5836+1 918-839-5836 (Peter Zink USA)


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For more information of the area go to Tourism Comite of San Miguel


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