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We are an inn located in the village of San Miguel, across the lake Peten Itza. Here you will find the lush green of the tropical rain forest, a wealth of historical and archaeological knowledge, and the beautiful culture of San Miguel and its surrounding villages.

Our name derives from the love that we have for our Zapote tree, and that is why we built our inn around it.


At Zapote Tree Inn, we can offer you a beautiful scenery as we have a beautiful view of the lake and the island of Flores. You can dip in the pool and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. We have many exotic tropical fruits, and if they are in season, you will have the chance to try them.



The best of Zapote Tree Inn is not only the establishment, but also its location in San Miguel, Peten. At Zapote Tree Inn, not only are we within walking distance but we are also the closest establishment to:

  • El Mirador of King Canek which is a high point with a 360-degree view that allows you to see the lake, nature, many different kinds of birds, archaeology, all surrounding towns like Santa Elena, San Benito, San Jose, San Andres, San Miguel, the island of Flores, the island of Lepet, the radio station, the zoo, and if lucky you might get to see the family of howler monkeys that reside in the area. This mirador is highly recommended for sunsets.
  • There is also another mirador, a second one that even though it does not possess a 360-degree view, it does have however a very nice view for sunrises.
  • The running trails are very close to the inn, at approximately 3 minutes walking. They are clean inside as we volunteered ourselves every few days to pick up the trash. They are within nature, so running shoes for soil and not asphalt are required.
  • Within the running trails you will find the Tree of Love, which usually has some toucans, parrots or some other birds around. Sometimes the howler monkeys are there if you like running in the early morning.
  • The running trails also take you to the Mayan stelae which are at the main plaza. San Miguel is a town that resides in the peninsula of Tayasal, and it is around an unexcavated Mayan city. If you wish to see how the temples, and buildings look like before they are excavated, then the running trails will take you on a loop where you can witness this for yourself.
  • We are about 20 minutes walking from the beach Chechenal, which has crystal clear water and a really nice temperature. The place is very clean, has little bungalows and chairs, a dock from which to jump into the water, changing stations and toilet services. They charge Q5 to enter, which is less than $1. You can either walk there, or take a boat if you prefer, for an additional charge.


We are also within walking distance of:

  • The horse of stone which tells the story of one of our most famous legends. It is located in the center of San Miguel, which is about 5 minutes walking from the inn. We can tell you the legend about the times of the conquista when you arrive.
  • The museum is about 15 minutes walking from the inn as it is in the opposite side of San Miguel. There you can see many different Mayan artifacts, and objects. You can receive a very good explanation of the items from the museum guides.


Zapote Tree Inn can be reached by either a boat or a car. The car route can take up to 45 minutes, while the boat only takes 5 minutes to the island of Flores. We recommend the boat ride, over the car ride. Even if you do come in car, then leave the car at Flores, and take the boat across. The boat ride is very short and will be more convenient for your schedule if you are saving time. Plus, boats are fun! The communal boats can be taken at the north side of the island of Flores, and they charge Q5 to cross tourists, which is less than $1. They run from 5 am till 10 pm during weekdays, and till 2 am on weekends. If you need to arrive earlier or leave at a later time, then we can arrange to cross you on our own boat so transportation is never a problem.


If you are reaching us by plane, and need indications on how to reach us, then we will explain you. If you need us to pick you up at the airport, we can do so as well for an additional charge. The transport will inclue both the vehicle and the boat.


The places that can be reached by walking, are many, but we also are located close to the island of Flores. A 5 minute boat ride and you can walk the streets of Flores, and come back to enjoy the quiet side of the lake during nighttime.


If you want to have a nice time, enjoy the pool with a nice view, take in the nature and appreciate archaeology then come to Zapote Tree Inn. As your hosts we will do our best to give you the best possible time in your stay. We will explain you everything we know of the surroundings.


We offer double rooms with a queen and a single bed with private bathrooms, as well as the option of traveler beds if you travel on a budget.


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If you desire more information about the peninsula of Tayasal, you can go to the facebook page of the Tourism Comite of San Miguel at


We involve ourselves in community development and promote ecological friendly tourism.

Zapote Tree Inn & Iwana Tours

Callejon Las Pinturas

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