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This hotel is located one hour from Tikal in the village of San Miguel, a part of the county of Flores, Guatemala. From our hotel, Flores Guatemala can be seen from our pool and garden, and reached in a 3- minute boat ride that costs Q5. Removed from the busy Flores, Guatemala, our hotel in San Miguel offers you the lush green tropical rain forest, peace and quiet, and a wealth of historical and archaeological knowledge of the beautiful Mayan culture. This village is home to Tayasal, an ancient Mayan city that has yet to be fully explored or excavated, and provides several scenic walking routes and running trails.


This Flores Guatemala hotel derives its name from the love that we have for our zapote tree, among the many other exotic tropical fruits trees found in our garden. From our hotel, Flores Guatemala is easily accessible, as well as other popular attractions including:


1) El Mirador of King Canek, a high point with a 360 degree view of the lake, peninsula, nature, islands and surrounding towns.


2) Chechenal Beach, a beautiful, clean and crystal clear water beach that has a really nice temperature.


3) Acropolis - Morning Mirador, a different high point view from the one above. Not 360 degree view, but definitely the best spot to watch the sunrise on the lake mixed with our tropical forest.


4) The Mayan stelae, are part of the still buried city here in San Miguel. It is not excavated, but you can still see the outlines of the buildings, and 2 stelae are still at the main plaza. For more pieces, visit the museum.


5) The museum, has a large collection of Mayan artifacts, pottery, and many other objects for you to enjoy.


6) The horse of stone, can be found by the docks and represents the story of one of our famous legends involving the Maya Itza and conquistador Hernan Cortez.


7) The tree of love, can be found inside the running trails. A family of howler monkeys can sometimes be found around the area, as well as toucans, parrots and other tropica bird species.


8) The running trails are a loop in the nature where you will only see and hear wild life such as tropical birds and howler monkeys, as well as a variety of trees and plants away from high-tourist zones, bars and general city noise.
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